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Something 20/20 Vision Care Has Lots Of!

We have something for everyone  with over 1500 choices when it comes to the eyeglass frames.

Whether you wear glasses for seeing distance or near or both, there are lots of lens options. Again, new materials are leading the way. Airwear is a polycarbonate material which offers a light weight thin lens that has 100% UV protection and is 12 times more impact resistant than regular plastic lenses. If you wear the no line or progressive (invisible bifocal) lenses, new designs make them easier and easier to use. Wider reading areas and smoother graduations make for more natural vision. Combine these great lens choices with a hard scratch coating and/or an anti-reflective coating and they will provide you with exceptional lenses to look through as well as lenses that are easy to take care of.

For all your eyecare needs, come on in and see Jim, Dr. McClung, Dr. Hyde and Dr. Cory. Be sure to ask about our "No Trouble Double Warranty"!

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