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High-quality Specialty Lenses by ZEISS in Medicine Hat

Every person is different, and therefore each one of us has different visual needs. 20/20 Vision Care, in Medicine Hat, offers tailored lenses to fulfill the visual needs of each individual. You can visit our clinic, talk to our doctors about your lifestyle needs and then decide the right lenses for yourself. Our staff is always available to help in making the right decision for your eyes. We will offer you a customized ZEISS Lens Solution along with a proper eye examination to determine your visual needs. The ZEISS Lens Solution will be tailored keeping in mind your lifestyle and visual habits. We ensure that you go home satisfied.

ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses

ZEISS DriveSafe

One pair of glasses for everyday use and safer driving.

Most drivers are exposed to difficult driving conditions that impact their vision, including driving in the rain, snow or fog and, of course, driving at night. For most, this can be a major source of stress. In fact, over two-thirds of adults report difficulty driving in these challenging visual conditions. ZEISS DriveSafe is an all-day lens and coating solution designed for patients who need the most help with vision while driving. ZEISS DriveSafe’s unique technology addresses the most stressful visual challenges drivers face today.

ZEISS DriveSafe is available in both single vision and progressive lens types.

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Did You Know We Offer Same Day Service on Most Single Vision Lenses?

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ClearView Lenses- The Future of Single Vision, Now in Stock!

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Standard, Good, Better, Best.

Standard Spherical (SPH) SV Lenses

Standard Spherical (SPH) SV Lenses
  • Optimized by using only 1 free parameter in the lens radius.
  • Peripheral rays are more strongly refracted than rays at lens centre (spherical aberrations) resulting in optical compromise. Any acceptably flat lens results in peripheral blur for the wearer.

Good Aspherical (AS) SV Lenses Lenses

Good Aspherical (AS) SV Lenses Lenses
  • Optimized by using 5 free parameters in one meridian. One aspherical surface, usually on the front, but the back surface remains a simple toric (2 spheres at 90°).
  • Provides optics similar to SPH, while improving on flatness.
  • When sph and cyl power increase, the same constraints result in increasing optical errors. Point-by-point optimization and ClearForm® manufacturing technology by ZEISS allow for flatter minus lenses with a thickness reduction at the lens edge. When compared to ZEISS AS 1.6 FSV, ZEISS ClearView Lenses are up to 49 % flatter for the minus ranges (Figure 1). ...are very flat and very thin. ZEISS ClearView SV Lenses are on average 36% flatter across all prescriptions when compared to ZEISS AS 1.6 FSV lenses.
  • Lenses When it comes to plus lenses which are thicker in the lens centre, ZEISS ClearView 1.6 SV Lenses are:
    • up to 25% flatter

    • on average 8% thinner at the lens centre, and

    • up to 13% thinner at the lens centre for a +5.00D high sphere power when compared to ZEISS SPH 1.6 FSV lenses (Figure 1)

Better Double Aspherical (DAS) SV Lenses

Better Double Aspherical (DAS) SV Lenses


  • Optimized using 9 free parameters in two perpendicular meridians and blended in between.
  • Replaces the toric back surface of an AS with 2 aspherical shapes perpendicular to each other (atoric).
  • Improvement on an AS design, but blended area still compromises the optics. ( -28% flatter -1% thinner K -14% flatter -9% thinner >( ZEISS AS FSV).

Best Freeform SV Lenses


Best Freeform SV Lenses
  • Point-by-point lens design optimization using >700 free parameters.
  • Highly complex lens surface to overcome the optical compromises inherent in SPH, AS, DAS.
  • The result is a SV lens that is both very flat and thin and achieves excellent optics - with clear viewing from the lens centre to the periphery.

( -49 % flatter -4% thinner T -25% flatter ZEISS ClearView FSV -13% thinner Average a 50mm -5.00/-2.00 & -5.00/0.00 Average a 65 mm +5.00/-2.00 & +5.00/0.00 Figure 1. Values for lens flatness and lens thickness of ZEISS


ClearView 1.60 FSV and ZEISS AS 1.60 FSV compared to ZEISS SPH 1.60 FSV


averaged for -5D and +5D with and without cylinder of -2D.

On average 3× larger zone of excellent clear vision across the entire lens.

Visual clarity simulations across a wide range of prescriptions show that, on average, ZEISS ClearView FSV Lenses provide a 3x larger zone of excellent vision clarity when compared to regular ZEISS aspherical (AS) FSV lenses.

This clear zone is up to 4.6x larger for higher myopic prescriptions and up to 5.1x larger for higher hyperope prescriptions. — ZEISS AS SV *FSV lens measurements shown SPH -3.00/CYL -2.00 ZEISS ClearView SV.

The zone of excellent vision clarity is defined as a continuous circular area of unblurred vision on the lens - below the threshold of just noticeable blur.

This means clear vision over a larger area of the lens for all single vision lens wearers, allowing greater comfort. SPH -3.00/CYL -0.00 ZEISS AS SV ZEISS ClearView SV.

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