Anisometropia... It's Not An Eye Disease

ANISOMETROPIA (an-ee-so-meh-TRO-pee-ah)

Some patients require a significantly different refractive correction between their right and left eyes.  Minor differences in prescription are normal but extreme differences may cause discomfort, poor vision (amblyopia) and /or the inability to use your eyes as a team.  The cause of anisometropia is typically natural, such as a childhood illness or a high fever.


The difference in prescription requires a difference in THICKNESS of each lens of your eyeglasses. This may cause the brain to perceive the two images differently, causing difficulties in in-depth perception. In most cases, the passage of time will allow your eyes to focus simultaneously and obtain a clear, comfortable vision. Occasionally, a contact lens correction may help eyeglasses do not provide sufficient comfort or cosmetic satisfaction. In extreme cases, refractive surgery may be considered.

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