Anti-reflection Lenses

Anti-reflection Lenses Require Special Care

For optimum performance, wash your lenses with mild liquid soap and warm water.  Hold your eyewear by the temples and rinse them thoroughly with hot tap water.  Pat each lens dry with a soft (non-coated) tissue or a soft cotton cloth.  Never dry your lenses with paper towels or harsh clothes.  Never use cleaners that contain ammonia, bleach or acetone.  Avoid harsh soaps, especially soaps with conditioning agents.


Commercial lens cleaners, specifically designed for anti-reflection lenses, may be used to clean your lenses as an alternative procedure. Apply the cleaner to both sides of each lens surface and pat dry each lens with a soft (non-coated) tissue or a soft cotton cloth.

For trouble-free daytime maintenance, specially designed cleaning cloths are also available.  If used frequently, these cleaning cloths should be washed periodically. Repeat this procedure whenever necessary to keep your lenses clean and looking good.

To AVOID SCRATCHING your lenses, never lay your eyewear down on the front surface of your lenses.  It is good practice to place your eyewear in a clean eyeglass case when you are not wearing them, and we advise that you remove your eyewear with TWO HANDS to keep them in proper adjustment.

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