Asteroid Bodies

Asteroid Bodies. Not A Space Thing.

Some patients have in the back fluid of the eye the presence of asteroid bodies.  Two-thirds of the volume of the inside of the eye is filled with a clear jelly-like mass called the vitreous body.  Think of the vitreous as you would the air in a balloon.  In the eye, the vitreous pushes up against the retina to keep it in place.  Asteroid bodies are tiny, usually numerous, floaters /spots commonly found in the vitreous fluid.  They generally occur in one eye and patients over the age of 60.  Although it has never been confirmed that this ocular condition has a general health relationship, it should be noted that approximately 33% of patients with this finding also have diabetes and 60% have hypertension.


Asteroid bodies are calcium deposits that float in the vitreous gel. As a result, patients with this finding may complain of floaters and a problem with glare. This condition is not dangerous; periodic dilated eye examination is required. Patients with this finding are also urged to seek routine medical examination to rule out diabetes, hypertension and atherosclerotic disease.

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 (This report was developed from Optometry Patient Information Systems)