Computer Glasses

Computer Glasses

Many of us spend so much time on computers now for work and certainly for play or hobbies. The lenses I am wearing are called Digitime from Essilor.  They are great as the entire top part of the lens is good for the computer, so you get a large area to see through.  To get your best vision and widest viewing area, we need to take a few extra measurements.  Since everyone's computer is at different distances, these measurements are critical.  The bottom portion is for the up-close or reading distance. They work great. 


Of course, like many things, there are different ways to look after this up-close challenge.  We could also use a bifocal system with a definite line doing the same thing as the digitime computer lens.  Above the line is the computer-distance, and below is the reading distance.  Or, of course, we can do just one power throughout the lens focused at whichever distance you require.  The downside with this lens is that it will only work at one distance!  Meaning that if we make the computer screen clearly, the chances are that the up-close distance is fuzzy.   Vice versa, if we make the reading clear, then the computer is probably a little fuzzy. That's where the true computer lens option is better and more versatile.   

Great news…. You can use them for more than just the computer.  I just traded houses and ended up doing some painting in the new house.  So, cutting in the paint at the ceiling is so much easier because the top of the computer lenses are focused at that arm's length distance.  Instead of doing some crazy yoga position to see it clear with my everyday progressive glasses, I use computer glasses.

Some other hobbies are easier too with these.  Changing a ceiling light bulb too.  Plumbing in tight spaces is easier too! The list is endless as to what you can use them for.

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