Crazy and angry girl

Things that Drive your Optician CRAZY!

Glasses Being Left In The Car

We are all guilty of this! It's so convenient to make the switch from eyeglasses to sunnies, or from wearing no glasses to driving glasses as soon as you plop into the driver's seat. So, it stands to reason that this is the obvious place for them to reside so you don't have to worry about forgetting them.


So...why would this drive us crazy?

Well, the coatings on your lenses aren't designed to sustain the kind of temperatures that inside the vehicle can reach. (In just one hour if it is 26 °C outside, the interior of your car will be over 50 °C). When a vehicle is sitting in that warm summer weather the coatings could lose their elasticity, causing a 'crazing' effect. Which can make seeing through those lenses less than optimal.

This can even happen from things like opening the oven door or sitting under a hairdresser’s drier for extended periods. This problem is irreversible and is not covered by all warranty programs, so it's best to play it safe and bring them into the house with you.

Using Paper Products On Your Lenses

Coatings have come a long way over the years but... Scratch Resistant or Anti Scratch DOES NOT mean scratch-proof! Even if the softest tissue that feels lotion-y smooth on your nose has teenie tiny wood fibres in it, and don't even get me started on a paper towel! Those little wood fibres, when cleaning get pushed into the lens and scraped right across it! It can scratch even a really strong coating. One of the best ways to avoid scratches all together is to give them a little rinse in lukewarm water and only use soft cloths (preferably washed without fabric softener).

Using Glass Cleaner On Your Lenses

Wait-a-minute! You just paid how much for your new glasses? And NO ONE told you ammonia is bad news? It. Is. Bad. News...

Glass cleaner and other household cleaners are way too strong. Even for modern-day coatings. This is one of the easiest/most avoidable ways to damage your lenses. So, what do the pros recommend?

  • Lukewarm water
  • A small drop of dish soap
  • soft clean cloth (tea towel, receiving blanket, microfiber) works best if washed without fabric softener

Green Nose Pads

Make no mistake, this happens to everyone! If you have skin, and you wear glasses with nose pads, it's bound to happen. The fact that they change colour doesn't annoy us, that part is inevitable. It occurs due to the natural oils our skin produces. But it is a super quick and easy fix- we just replace them. Simple as that, lots of optical places offer this free or for a very minimal charge. Listen, you deserve fresh nose pads! So take some "me time" and come in to see us.

When Things Just Fall Apart

Everything we own needs maintenance, your roof, your car, the grout in your shower... Your glasses are no exception. When things fall apart it is likely because they weren't getting the regular tune-up they require.

We recommend every 6-8 months you head down to your friendly neighbourhood optical and have the screws tightened up, check the adjustment, give them a professional clean in the ultrasonic cleaner, and have those nose pads changed (see above). This will help preserve your glasses and hopefully prevent any surprise issues.

The Long And Short Of It is

We love our patients, and just want what is best for you! If you've taken the time to choose new glasses, hear all about the exciting new technology that is available, and then spend your hard-earned money on them, we want them to last! And we know that you want the same thing, so let us help you do just that!