Closeup portrait of young man with glasses, who has eyesight problems

Trouble Seeing Fine Print?

If you happen to be in your 40s or older, having trouble seeing clearly is very normal. This is not a disease but can be very bothersome to many people. Each time we look at something up close, the lens inside our eye needs to change shape to make objects appear clear. Over time, the lens becomes more rigid, making it harder for the lens to change for near tasks. The early to mid-40s is normally when people start noticing these changes. 


When this happens, two different prescriptions are needed: one for distance, and one for near. There are many options to help with this. For some, simple over-the-counter reading glasses do the trick. Others who are slightly nearsighted may just remove their glasses to read. Most people prefer wearing a progressive lens that has both prescriptions in the same lens (these lenses have no visible line). Also, multifocal contact lenses are becoming increasingly popular and work quite well for some people.

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By Dr. Clark Hyde, 20/20 Vision Care

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