Girl having trouble with new glasses

Trouble With Your New Glasses?

I just got new glasses a few days ago. My eyes are sore and I’ve had headaches as well.  Is this normal or should I have my glasses looked at? This didn’t happen with my old glasses.


Having troubles with new glasses can be quite normal. In fact, even if your prescription remains exactly the same and you get new glasses, some people will still go through an adjustment period to new lenses. The adjustment period of new glasses will be a little longer if your lens material is different from your last pair.  Also, if this is your very first pair of bifocal or progressive lenses, it is not uncommon to take 2-5 weeks to get used to them. Having said this, if you are still experiencing discomfort and headaches after a few weeks, I would first suggest going back to the people who made the glasses and having them ensure that the glasses prescription matches the prescription that is in your glasses.  If this is not a problem, have them make sure the lenses are well centred and that the glasses are not too tight. If all of this is normal, then returning to the prescribing doctor is never something that you should be afraid of. The prescription will be re-checked and sometimes adjustments are made to the prescription.  We are never offended when someone comes back who is having troubles with their new glasses.  Call us if you would like help in any way at 403-526-2020.

Written by Dr. Clark Hyde,  20/20 Vision Care