Why Sunglasses Are So Important

As great as the sun is, we need to be careful with the ultraviolet light it emits. Obviously, UV light can cause sunburns on your skin, but it can also damage your eyes and the skin around your eyes. The incidence of skin cancer in the eyes is growing. UV can also promote cataract growth.


What about the brightness of the sun when it comes to having fun outside? No one likes squinting.  Sunglasses have been shown to provide more comfortable vision and protect ocular health.

One of the first considerations regarding sunglasses is deciding on polarized lenses or non-polarized lenses. Polarized lenses have a special filter to cut down on reflected glare. It is particularly effective at reducing glare from reflections off of the water. It's more expensive but well worth it when exposed to any reflected glare. Those who love any outdoor water activity will need and appreciate this feature. 

What colour should you get in sunglass lenses?  Well... this is a personal preference too. Grey, brown, and green are considered relatively neutral colours. Meaning when you look through those colours, the colours you look at are fairly true. Looking at a white wall, it's still white. If you look through fashion colours, the white wall may look more blue or pink or take on whatever colour you are looking through. Grey is typically the darkest, but they lack contrast; Brown is my favourite as they improve contrast and are easier to use as light diminishes. Green is also good for contrast.

Another option is "Transition Lenses". Transition is a tint that will darken when exposed to UV light. As the UV light diminishes or is eliminated, then the lenses lighten up, so you don't have to switch between clear glasses and sunglasses so much. For more information, see our section on Transition Lenses.

We carry a huge selection of sunglasses, including Oakley, Ray-Ban, Maui Jim, Nike and many more. We have lots of options for you! Enjoy the sunshine!

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