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20/20 Vision Care - Glasses Articles

Welcome to our Glasses page! Here we hope to help you understand your glasses and how you can take care of them as well.

  • Sunglasses
    Why Sunglasses Are So Important

    As great as the sun is, we need to be careful with the ultraviolet light it emits. Obviously, UV light can cause sunburns on your skin, but it can also damage your eyes and the skin around your eyes. The incidence of skin cancer in the eyes is growing. UV can also promote cataract growth.

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  • Computer Glasses
    Computer Glasses

    Many of us spend so much time on computers now for work and certainly for play or hobbies. The lenses I am wearing are called Digitime from Essilor.  They are great as the entire top part of the lens is good for the computer, so you get a large area to see through.  To get your best vision and widest viewing area, we need to take a few extra measurements.  Since everyone's computer is at different distances, these measurements are critical.  The bottom portion is for the up-close or reading distance. They work great. 

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  • Anti-reflection Lenses
    Anti-reflection Lenses Require Special Care

    For optimum performance, wash your lenses with mild liquid soap and warm water.  Hold your eyewear by the temples and rinse them thoroughly with hot tap water.  Pat each lens dry with a soft (non-coated) tissue or a soft cotton cloth.  Never dry your lenses with paper towels or harsh clothes.  Never use cleaners that contain ammonia, bleach or acetone.  Avoid harsh soaps, especially soaps with conditioning agents.

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  • Anisometropia
    Anisometropia... It's Not An Eye Disease

    ANISOMETROPIA (an-ee-so-meh-TRO-pee-ah)

    Some patients require a significantly different refractive correction between their right and left eyes.  Minor differences in prescription are normal but extreme differences may cause discomfort, poor vision (amblyopia) and /or the inability to use your eyes as a team.  The cause of anisometropia is typically natural, such as a childhood illness or a high fever.

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  • Anti Reflective Lenses
    Anti-reflective Lenses. What Are The Benefits?


    When a beam of light strikes the surface of a clear lens, light transmission (the amount of light that actually passes through the lens) is about 92%. The remaining 8% is lost through reflections from the front and back surfaces of the lens. Loss of light results in a slight decrease in visual ability and an increase in awareness of annoying reflections. Modern anti-reflection lenses eliminate virtually all reflected light from indoor lighting, street lights, headlights, TV and computer screens. Anti-reflection lenses also provide a reflection-free appearance to your lenses, thus enhancing eye contact.

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  • New Eye Glasses
    Why Does It Sometimes Take Time To Adjust To New Eye Glasses?

    TEMPORARY ADJUSTMENT to your new visual prescription is EXPECTED. Vision is very complex.  Each eye has been corrected individually to achieve optimal visual function, and your eyes have been balanced to maintain precise two-eye coordination. Your final visual prescription will provide you with EFFORTLESS visual ability and comfort.

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