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Grow Your Own Lashes Longer. Thicker. Darker

Why Choose Latisse?

If you are suffering from hypotrichosis (a condition that causes less than normal hair growth) and have not found a solution yet, we suggest you visit our clinic in Medicine Hat. 20/20 Vision Care brings to you an innovative formula to treat hypotrichosis. But before you try Latisse on your eyelashes, we suggest you book an appointment with one of our doctors and discuss the treatment. Latisse will help you grow fuller, darker, and longer eyelashes in no time and is simple to use.

Shop Now Latisse Patient instructions

How to Use Latisse


  • Start by using it once every night.

  • Clean your face of any makeup and remove your contact lenses before you apply Latisse.

  • Remove the applicator from the tray and hold it horizontally. Place one drop of Latisse solution near the tip of the applicator.

  • Now use the applicator to apply the solution on the lash line of your eyelashes on the upper lid of your eye, where the eyelashes meet the skin. Apply the solution carefully, going from the inner part of your lash line to the outer part.

  • Blot any excess liquid beyond the eyelid margin.

  • Dispose of the applicator after one use. Use another sterile applicator to apply Latisse solution to the other eye.

  • Repeat the process on the other lash line using a new, sterile applicator.

Things to Remember

Read the ingredient list on the container and do not use the solution if you are allergic to bimatoprost or any of the other ingredients.

Talk to your doctor before you start using Latisse if:

  • You have no visible eyelashes

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding

  • You have an active eye infection

  • You have an eyelid disease

  • You have an eyelid infection

  • You are taking eye medication for glaucoma

Follow the instructions on the box carefully as an overdose of the solution may cause brown pigmentation on the colour part of the eyelid.

Watch Out for the Side Effects

Like all other medicines, Latisse may also have side effects. The most common side effects reported are itchy or red eyes. Talk to your doctor if you face any issues while using the product. The doctors at 20/20 Vision Care are always available to help you with any eye care issue. Contact us to know more about the product.


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